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Three Web Scams

Domain Registry of Canada Domain Name Scam letter

Don’t fall for these scams! Though I’d rather ramble on about Reaxion Graphics, I thought I’d mention a few web scams you need to know about! The problem with these scams are they aren’t technically illegal (not yet), which make them harder to point out! 1. Time to renew you listing in the #1 online directory. This was a new one this week received by a client. The deal is, you are added to their “#1 online directory” without you knowing – which is fine, free advertising! – but call you and tell you your listing is expiring soon and will be $200 to renew! Don’t buy it! I imagine only someone not in the know and holding the company credit card would really fall for that one! This scam came from a phone number 1-866-328-8551. Google that number and you will find any number of scams attached to it! […]