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No Excuses in Marketing

I find there are no excuses in marketing as far as budget is concerned. Budget may affect what you market with, but it should not affect whether you market or not. If you don’t read any further, check out this wiki: Guerrilla Marketing – it might lead you on an interesting quest… and I imagine I’ll lose half of you right now for good :). Guerrilla Marketing is basically creative marketing without boundaries of what you’d consider “regular advertising”. Think of it as the independent film of advertising – your way and on your terms. A sign company will tell you that you should put your logo on this sign at this size and in this place, when you might put your logo on the rear end of donkey standing in front of your business and get 1000x the reaction… however practical, you get the drift! There are mild forms […]

Advertise for FREE!

Hope your short week after a long weekend wasn’t too short… was a little for Reaxion! 🙂 You’ll find a lot of what I pass on is food for thought – designers and marketers have a lot of thoughts! You never know when they’ll come in handy! A few weeks ago I mentioned a bang for your buck strategy is to direct your advertising to your core past customers rather than a shotgun public advertising campaign. Now twist that idea around and look at YOUR suppliers! Do they have a stake in your success? Any of them fall over themselves to schmooze you for next year’s account? Now you have someone to help pay your ad bill! So how does this work? A tried and true user of this method is our local chamber of commerce. At least once a month they mail 800+ newsletters and give the option for […]

CKX is Dead

CKX Television, Brandon, Manitoba

Yesterday it was announced and today it’s sinking in as reality. Brandon, Manitoba’s only home grown TV station is going black. I think on an unconscious level everyone in Westman knew the company willing to gamble on buying such a profit lacking station would also be have the guts to slip out the backdoor after reassuring everyone their job’s were safe. We didn’t want to believe it. I admit thoughts about the situation are still brewing for me just like everyone else, but some initial conclusions can be realized. Daily news will still be found on the radio and in the newspaper- but you have to admit it’s not TV. Big losers are large local events like the Royal Manitoba Winter fair and out of town businesses invested in television advertising.  As a local view myself, I would count myself as someone who looked to CKX for both. I’m the […]