Archive: Jan 2015

Mobile Gets Real

iPhone, Reaxion Graphics, Brandon, Manitoba

Things are getting real in the area of mobile friendly websites (websites made to work on your cell phone or tablet without “pinching and zooming – they fit nicely). Much like the growing pains we went through in the early 2000’s where websites were “the thing to do” but soon became the thing “you have to do”, we are currently about ¾ the way through a similar journey in the realm of how websites relate to the mobile Internet revolution. I won’t look up when the big tech blogs marked the beginning of the mobile phenomenon, but in our smaller market of 50,000 people, mobile friendly websites started to become a question in consultations around 2012, and early adopters were on board in 2013. We decided to make it an option in 2014 with most new sites, big or small, going mobile friendly (we still give the option to opt […]

Market to Your Clients

Shortly before this past Christmas I decided to get a few things at the local grocery store in our small town. I tossed a number of things into my cart – three huge water cooler bottles (we drink a lot of water at home), a couple packets of gravy (in case I pooched the turkey gravy this year), eggs for some last minute baking, and a few other things – as you get to know me you’ll quickly see food is an obsession. It was a quick in and check out, and I was back to the van in no time, only to find the two gravy packets I tossed in were nestled between the water bottles in the cart, so essentially I was looking at stolen gravy. You might recognize this situation; you’ve taken the time to shop and fight through the big grocery store, checkout, and finally get […]