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New Logo Design – Clay Creek Equestrian

Clay Creek Equestrian Logo by Reaxion Graphics, Brandon, Manitoba

Here is another recent logo we did for another new small business venture – Clay Creek Equestrian. This was a great logo because we got to incorporate an outline traced from a photo of a special horse owned by the client, Tanis Jones, in addition to some very specific colour choices. It’s always important to try to incorporate as much of “you” as possible into your logo since a logo is a very important representation of you and your businesses. Incorporating personal styles and meaning goes far to convey what you are all about, and with any luck, you’ll attract clients who are all about the same things! A common question when we do a logo is “what do I get once it’s all done?”. We will provide you with print quality vector images (images that can be infinitely enlarged without loss of quality), print quality jpgs, web quality jpgs, […]

Launch: The Final Countdown Escape

The Final Count Down Escape - Website Design by Reaxion Graphics, Brandon Manitoba is a one page layout style we are finding more and more popular. What is unique about single page websites is the use of a standard looking navigation bar for internal page navigation rather than skipping pages. Each section of the page replaces the need for a separate page. Web users are savvy when it comes to using a site like this, so put aside your fears of scrolling! What is the premise of Brandon’s first “Escape Room“? It’s a live game where you and your friends have 60 minutes to solve a series of clues and puzzles to ‘escape’ the room! Find out more at Do you like the idea of a one page website? Contact us today for a consultation and/or quote! When planning and quoting (for example) a five section, single page site, we approach it similar to a five page website.

Facebook: Services

Facebook screenshot

Facebook has a feature you might have missed on your Business Page – Services. A Services tab has been around for awhile, but what we really like is the ability to bring your features to the front, right near the top of your page before posts. We think, just like on the home page of a website, folks want to know what you do ASAP, then delve deeper, or if they are truly motivated, they might see a your service and call right away to find out more. Below is what our page currently looks like.   To get started, click the “Services” tab on your page (I SHOULD be under your feature photo). If you don’t have any services already, you’ll see a prompt to add new services, like below: Next you’ll be confronted with a simple pop up. What we like the best is the ability to skip […]

Launch: Whitemud Watershed

Whitemud Watershed Conservation District Website by Reaxion Graphics

We won’t be shy to go back a bit to introduce you to websites we’ve launched. was launched this past spring 2016 and was a complete redesign of a previous website. This site was created for the White Mud Watershed Conservation District and is very information driven as it is set up to serve the residents of their district in order to publicize their good work and promote services available. Reaxion Graphics has done a lot of work with Manitoba Conservation Districts and should be a subject for a future blog post! But in short, we’ve done sites for La Salle Redboine Conservation District, Turtle Mountain Conservation District, and not to mention the Manitoba Conservation District Association (MCDA), which represents all 18 Conservation Districts. We are also proud to create the MCDA’s annual magazine.

Launch: Daughter On Call

Daughter On Call -

Another fresh site launch! This time we look at “Daughter On Call” (, a business that provides an extensive range of services to the elderly, surgical clients and those with disabilities. We’ve had contact with business owner Gail Freeman-Campbell since she started Daughter On Call a few short years ago, and simply put, things have grown by leaps and bounds! After exponential growth in all aspects, it was finally time to create an online presence that truly portrays her company – a group of compassionate, knowledgeable people you can trust to care for you and your loved ones. features a blog, Staff Page, and a testimonial section that features video testimonials in addition to traditional text testimonials.

Our Square Reader is Here!

Square Reader

In writing our post helping you “Get Paid Online“, we signed up for “Square” – another service helping you accept credit card payment much like PayPal. We received our “Square Reader” and plan on doing a box opening and operation video. If the results are underwhelming we’ll do a detailed blog post 🙂 But be patient, our iPhone 4 is ANCIENT and I’m due for a new one that will likely be required to support the Square software! More on the Square Reader in the coming weeks!

New Logo Design – Backwoods Ag Ltd.

Backwoods Ag Ltd. Logo Design - Reaxion Graphics, Bdn, MB

It takes a lot to create a great logo! A lot of experience, a lot of good ideas, sometimes, a lot of proofs! We were lucky enough to get a lot of good ideas from the client on this one – mainly inspiration from other deer inspired logos, but naturally we had to make the idea their own, and we think we did! Backwoods Ag Ltd. is located near Laurier, Manitoba, and is owned and operated by David Boerchers.

Design Your Home – Summer 2016

Magazine Cover / layout - Print Design, Reaxion Graphics - Design Your Home Magazine

We had the pleasure of designing another great issue of Design Your Home Magazine, Brandon, Manitoba, and it goes out today – July 6, 2016! If you are in the business of renovations, building, home decor, cabinetry, trades, or anything related to house, cottage, condos, or apartments, we would truly encourage you to advertise in this quarterly magazine (don’t worry, we don’t get a commission… actually, more ads just mean more work for us 🙂 but more the better!). Its not often you can find a niche publication that pre-qualifies potential customers from the moment they pick up the magazine – why would they pick it up if they weren’t interested in all of the above?! For advertising, call (204) 573-0152, email, or go to to read the current issue or past issues on line!

Postal Strike?! No Worries, Small Biz. Get Paid Online, and Here’s How.

Canada Post

As of July 5th, 2016, the Canadian public and business are facing a mail strike in three days. Small businesses will lose as they see cheques stop arriving at their door, but the public also loses as they see the prospect of businesses using alternate, more expensive methods of delivery like UPS or FedEx, and passing costs on to their clientele. While we can’t help get your packages delivered, we can tell you there are ways for small business to bring in their money! There are AFFORDABLE alternatives to cheque payments, and strike or no strike, it’s still great to provide alternatives for payments to your customers, and we’ll show you a few examples! PayPal The first is our current favourite – PayPal. Years everyone asked if it was secure or if you needed a PayPal account to use it. Both are non-issues nowadays. PayPal is secure, and though it […]


Jordan Appraisal Group website design

We recently launched a new site for a new venture out of Minnedosa, Manitoba – Jordan Appraisal Group. This mobile friendly, editable Wordress Site is another 100% premium theme design by Reaxion Graphics, and gives a great introduction to Jordan Appraisal Group’s services. allows convenient client contact through two contact forms  – a standard contact form as well as a full “Request for Appraisal” form, not to mention the standard email links and contact numbers on the contact page, page headers and footers. Do you like this style of site? Contact us today to start yours!