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Latest Internet Mail Scam: DirectPages411 Invoices

Full DirectPages411 Fake Invoice

Actually, this isn’t a new scam – a quick Google search will show it’s been around for awhile. We opened ours today and had a great laugh (we’ve posted the full fake invoice below). You might not find it as funny, but if you read no further, feel free to take it easy. This scam from “DirectPages411” lists as originating from “PO Box 463 Montreal, QC H2Y 3H3”, but seems to reach both US and Canadians alike. We find these type of scams are probably aimed at the front line folks in your business – the letter is opened, it says invoice, toss it on the bill pile and hopefully it’ll make it’s way through. Of course, it might scare the pants off the uninitiated and plays on popular web service names like “” ( The term “411” might ring enough of a bell that a lot might give it […]

Facebook At Your Door (Like, Your Actual Door!)

Facebook: Insights - check out your Facebook Business Manager under "Local"

For business, not only can Facebook help you focus on Facebook users by targeting user demographics, it also tracks based on stats pulled from users who remain logged into their mobile Facebook app. When was the last time you logged out of your app? It would defeat the ease of use if you logged out every time you used it, so be certain, you are being tracked! Disturbing to some, interesting to business, below is a graphic example of one of those stats – who is literally physically passing by your door, and in this case, our door! Now you can figure that optimal time to put out that sandwich board on the sidewalk! Or maybe you are doing some “Pokemon Go” marketing? This would be an excellent way to possibly track your success! Finding Local Insights today might not be a new feature, but it’s definitely interesting. As a […]