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Digital Marketing and Social Media: Playing the Long Game

Social Media Audience

It’s easy to get apathetic about social media and digital marketing, and you see it all around if you look. The biggest examples are businesses dealing in large, one time purchases with repeat purchases happening over long periods of time. Good examples might be Real Estate or, gasp, websites. It’s easier to grasp the power and immediacy of digital marketing when it applies to businesses like retail serving daily necessities. Small item retail with the possibility of frequent repeat business provides a more immediate response rate when tracking you advertising. Post a “BIG SALE ON WIDGETS”, put your message out on Facebook and Twitter, send out an email newsletter to past customers, put a splash on your website, and you can quickly monitor web and in-store traffic pretty easily (results may vary – hopefully you are selling something popular, like bacon wrapped anything!). Large ticket sellers can end up feeling […]