2017 Review – Jamieson-Judd Limited

January 4, 2018

We’ve decided to go through our 2017 launches and introduce you to the sites you still need to know about! So get ready for our blog feed to get full of website previews, but don’t forget to check out our portfolio and our video portfolio!

Our first post in our 2017 review – we launched a new website for “Jamieson-Judd Limited” in Brandon, Manitoba. This site sports a very unique right panel navigation, very different than any other site we’ve done. The navigation is vertical, is expandable, and disappears as you scroll down. This site also allows Jamieson-Judd to show off their past projects and catalogue them by date!

Visit Jamieson-Judd Limited at http://jamiesonjudd.com/

About Scott Kasprick

Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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