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2017 Review – Beautiful Plains Credit Union

BPCU, Neepawa, Manitoba, Web design

A long time client, a new site was in order for Beautiful Plains Credit Union to bring in a fresh look, increased usability, and a mobile friendly design. We like to think it’s one of the best CU sites around! Users enjoy visiting the site to login to their online banking, but can also catch up on regular newsletters, promotions, or discover BPCU Facebook posts in the footer. For more details, check out

2017 Review – Brandon Healthy Families Team

Brandon Healthy Families Team, Brandon, Manitoba, Web design

A great website for a great non-profit organization! Collectively, for the public, they help other local Brandon organizations at large deliver their programs in order to strengthen families by increasing awareness of the importance of positive parenting, nutrition, physical health, learning, and literacy. Basically, if you want to find out about local support programs and activities for families with a focus on children aged 0 – 6 years, this is the place! To find out more, go to

2017 Review – Victoria Chiropractic

Do you like elegant, professional but definitely unique?! We love the results for Victoria Chiropractic Centre, Brandon, Manitoba! It’s hard to dispute this site has just the right amount of information that is easy to find and easy to understand. Cudos to Wanda Kurchaba for facilitating this project, including content creation, for Victoria Chiropratic! Featured: Doctor’s Bios Services listed as pages under one dropdown Products section easily editable by the client Latest news posted on the home page as well as page side bars Did we also mention a new logo was required in order to establish a brand? Find out more at

2017 Review – AJS Law

AJS Law, Brandon, Manitoba, Web design

It was great to create a website for new law firm AJS Law. They are specialized by focusing specifically on criminal defence and child protection advocacy. The most unique attribute of this site is the left fixed vertical navigation – a less common navigation setup, but definitely great when applied properly and certainly adds a note of professional style to this website. Though content pages can be longer as the right side can scroll as much as needed, it does allow certain pages to be quite compact to the screen. Go to for more details

2017 Review – Southern Seed Ltd.

Southern Seeds, Manitoba, Web design

Operating in a prime agricultural area, you’d think we’d have a larger portfolio of ag related websites, but that’s not the case! We had the privelege of creating a new site for Southern Seed Ltd., located near Minto, Manitoba. The primary feature of this website is essentially a catalogue of products and services separated into categories which ultimately link to a supplier website. Visit for details.

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2017 Review – Physio 4U

We were happy to create a new website for a long time client Marita Dowsett in her new venture as Physio 4U Physiotherapy, with particular specialization in Pelvic health, but offering a wide variety of standard physiotherapy services, located in Brandon, Manitoba. The site features tips for health, event listings, often used forms available for download, a list of products available for purchase in office, and much more! Visit the site at

2017 Review – Jamieson-Judd Limited

We’ve decided to go through our 2017 launches and introduce you to the sites you still need to know about! So get ready for our blog feed to get full of website previews, but don’t forget to check out our portfolio and our video portfolio! Our first post in our 2017 review – we launched a new website for “Jamieson-Judd Limited” in Brandon, Manitoba. This site sports a very unique right panel navigation, very different than any other site we’ve done. The navigation is vertical, is expandable, and disappears as you scroll down. This site also allows Jamieson-Judd to show off their past projects and catalogue them by date! Visit Jamieson-Judd Limited at