Archive: Feb 2018

2017 Review – Tourism Westman

We had the pleasure of doing our first tourism based website in 2017. A site this size presents a different way of approaching a site compared to other smaller sites. Though we do preach the site is most about the content, this takes it to another level. Where we are usually comfortable planning the homepage first, a site with this much information really requires you to plan the content pages FIRST and home page second in order to direct visitors to the content in an orderly fashion. After site launch we were also treated with the opportunity to create a new logo Tourism Westman! Here it is!         For more details on their website, visit:

2017 Review – Gabler Welding

You’d be surprised how many businesses dealing in the trades do not believe in a website – Gabler Welding in Carberry, MB felt different! This is an example of a small and effective website displaying what they do, but also where they come from and their history in Carberry, MB. Not only does Gabler Welding believe in an online presence, but they believed in it enough to allow us to use our associate content writer, Diane Nelson, who was able to contact them by phone for an interview and compose their content. For more information, visit:

2017 Review – Trend Collection and Bailiff Services Ltd. (TCBS)

We were asked to create a professional website to easily convey what Trend Collection and Bailiff Services Ltd. does, especially to clients that require their services but are located out of Province, but also consumers that find themselves contacted by TCBS for collections. For more information, visit

2017 Review – Move with Marlee

Yes, one of our specialties continues to be Real Estate Websites, and Marlee Murray’s website is no exception! Marlee requested the site reflect her style and her brand, and we believe we accomplished that! The listings automatically update daily to reflect new listings, listings sold, plus updated details like images, prices, etc. The site also features a blog for better SEO and a Facebook feed to reflect Marlee’s activity on social media! See the site:

2017 Review – Cut Above Natural Stone

Occasionally we do work for clients out of province. This client is located near Ramara, Ontario – and you guessed it, we’ve never met but were able to complete the website by phone and email! Cut Above Natural Stone deals in landscaping stone and needed to allow clients to browse their extensive list of natural stone products, but also provide an easy means of contact, and we can confirm their contact forms are well used! See the site:

Launch – Party Professionals Website

Party Professionals, Brandon, Manitoba, Web design

Launched in time for the 2018 Westman Wedding Expo, we were able to create a BEAUTIFUL website for long time client “Party Professionals”, located here in Brandon, Manitoba. This is a prime example of how a revamp of an old site can be such a great experience, especially when the content is ready and only requiring a few touch ups before posting on the new site – this creates a drastic reduction in development time when the design is the prime focus. The site is a very clean and visual representation of what they are about and what they can do for their own clients! For more details, visit

2017 Review – DG Konkin Construction

DG Konkin, Brandon, Manitoba, Web design

When we created a site for DG Konkin Construction in Brandon, Manitoba, the aim was to create a website that shows how new contracting-contract management company is capable of large, complex projects, with quality you can trust, and we feel that’s just what we did! Introducing projects we’ve completed is important for us, and the same applies for this client. With this site, DG Konkin has the ability to easily build and edit a projects section in order to show current and past projects – this is especially important when it’s difficult to explain the scope of what you do to those needing your expertise! For more details, visit