Hosting Auto Payments – For Current Clients

Sign up below to make monthly re-occurring hosting payments  by credit card Рset it and forget it!

Rates for Current Clients:

  • $12.50 + tax per month for standard hosting ***Please note hosting increases to $15/mo in 2019
  • $19.99 + tax per month for accounts with upgraded storage capacity


Advantages of Automatic Subscription Payments:

  • Price locked in for duration of 2018 – current clients only – $12.50/mo plus tax (New 2018 clients pay $15/mo)
  • Never miss an invoice


How it Works

Send us your payment information and we manually create an automatic recurring payment for the term you’ve selected in the form below. This page has been secured (check your browser for the “green lock” to indicate it is secure). You may also phone your information at (204) 573-2250.


Submit Your Payment Details

Please fill out this brief secure form to submit your payment details. Your subscription to a one or two year hosting term is manually entered by Reaxion Graphics.



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