Facebook Friday – 03/24/17 Brandon Home & Leisure Show Digital Media Sponsors

Today we discuss our Digital Media sponsorship of the Brandon Home & Leisure Show and what we plan to do there! This is a public record of our plans and we’ll compare after the show to see how it all panned out!

Facebook Friday – 03/17/17 Planning A Website

This week we peel back – way back – to before the technical stuff. We are talking where do you get website colour, style, and content inspiration? Think like a web designer at your first consultation!

Facebook Friday – 03/10/17 Blog Content

This week we brainstorm what the heck you might post on a blog! Sorry – we are still wrestling with sound issues! Join us as we learn this live video thing together! 🙂

Facebook Friday 03/03/17 – Social Media Basics

This week we spoke about Social Media Basics! Sorry for the audio! You’ll probably have to crank it to 11 (sorry – literally!).

Facebook Friday 02/17/17 Get Ready for Email Marketing!

What are the components of sending out an email campaign? Build your list, create your message, send it and track your results! Find out all the details in this Facebook Friday.

Facebook Friday 02/17/17 Top 10 Website Details for Digital Marketing

In this episode of our weekly Facebook LIVE discussion we look at the top 10 items you need to have in place to be ready to involve your website in digital marketing. You want to get your site up on search engines and monitor your progress as well as capture leads! Watch the video for details!

Facebook Friday 10/02/17 – Getting Your Digital Marketing off the Ground

Have you ever wondered what you need in place to market yourself online? There are many ways to do it, but this week we discuss the basic elements to have in place in order to carry out a basic digital marketing effort.

Website Launch – TeamPlante.com

Team Plante Website - Tyler Plante - Cam Plante - Royal LePage, Brandon

We had  the pleasure of launching yet another Real Estate website for the sales team of Cam and Tyler Plante in late 2016. Essential to the project was sticking to branding established through their print and lawn signage. Cam and Tyler have also enjoyed great careers in hockey, and naturally we had to thread elements of that into the design. Check it out teamplante.com. Creating a real estate website is downright scary when first given the opportunity, but its become a great niche for us over the years. We’ve created systems to manually post listings easily, as well as customize software enabling automatic download of MLS data from CREA, taking a huge work load off of our clients in real estate, as it does for Team Plante.

Discussing Stats for our First Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live - Facebook Friday - Reaxion Graphics

Check out our second Facebook Friday video discussing the stats on our first test video. See our first video with some initial analysis here. Of course, visit and Like our Facebook page!

Our Facebook LIVE Video Test

I did an off the cuff test of Facebook LIVE video on January 27, 2017 and it was a lot of fun to do – the first indication something is worthwhile! The test was basic to say the least with not much scripting or grooming by the host with the cold 🙂 but I did have the foresight to at least whip off a quick newsletter to clients earlier in the day giving them a heads up (this also gave me an excuse to test a simple MailChimp newsletter app on my smartphone I might review another time). Oh yeah – we found out text is backwards if you film with the “selfie camera” too! Though we are lucky to have some simple lighting for video, if you are tickled by the ability to do something with impact at only the cost of the effort you are willing to put […]