Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program (BDRIP)

Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program (BDRIP)

Brandon Downtown Development has launched the new Brandon Downtown Revitalization Incentive Program (BDRIP) with assistance for Marketing/advertising/branding/graphic design, Digital/ecommerce support, and Web services, like adding an online selling platform to an existing website. As a downtown business for 15+ years, we are excited to help our clients downtown and throughout Manitoba take advantage of this grant opportunity!

Do We Do SEO?


As our clients mature and become more web savvy, increasingly we are asked “Do you do SEO?”. SEO is the next level of website ownership when you’ve established your presence and now you are looking to perfect it, much like a golfer upgrading their driver to improve their game just that little bit (though SEO upgrades can be dramatic). SPOILER ALERT: If we created your site, you’ve already been an SEO client!

Launched: King Korn Maze

King Korn Maze were looking for the ability to sell tickets online while reducing/eliminating transaction fees applied by other third party online ticket sellers. With other ticket selling platforms, there is a fee on the ticket sale transaction PLUS a fee to process the payment (PayPal, Squared, etc.), so it’s a double whammy. Reaxion Graphics was able to create a more independent system for ticket sales as well as a fresh new website to improve the overall visibility of the corn maze for visitors!


With 15 years of serving Brandon, a large portion of our work is serving our deep list of loyal clients, and our latest launch is no exception. Visa2Canada is a local Brandon business assisting immigrants navigate the Canadian immigration process to achieve permanent residence in Canadian. In recent years, a growing client base has become Canadian Employers seeking help to move foreign workers to Canadaand have them ready to work, and most recently, have requested finding foreign workers.Visa2Canada is not a hiring agency, but have an international network of contacts to help find job seekers, qualify them, then hand them on to the employer to handle the formal interview and hiring process.

Launched: Clearview Acres Ltd.

Whether it’s life experience or business experience, Reaxion Graphics has a long history of working with agribusiness, so we were happy to work with pedigreed seed grower & dealer “Clearview Acres Ltd.” located new Virden, Manitoba. features information on their team – Clearview Acres is a three generation farm with a Heritage Farm designation – plus a list of their main commodities and services available to their customers. Website features: Homepage providing a brief but clear outline of Clearview’s products and services, helping visitors find exactly what they are looking for, quickly. A list of commodities with overviews of their growing characteristics An About page & Contact page providing information about the farm, the team, and details providing direct methods to contact members of the team. To find out more, visit

Launched: J&G Homes Arena

Reaxion Graphics is the proud provider of website design and support for the new and The Western Canada Hockey Academy (WCHA) is Brandon’s first hockey academy, and “J&G Homes Arena” is the  completion of that vision, being the home to all academy services from in class instruction to on ice instruction, as well as an exciting new location available for Brandon hockey beyond the academy.

Launched: Ben Wiebe Construction Ltd.

Ben Wiebe Construction Ltd. has a long history of business in Brandon, MB, but they’ve also had a website with a long history and were ready for an upgrade! Not only a website upgrade for style, but a website they can update with new services at any time, add completed projects, etc. It was also important to improve the marketing of their core services that include Commercial Construction, Crane Services, Pile Driving, and Bridge Construction.

Launched: Promises Bridal

For reasons beyond their control, Promises Bridal was temporarily without a website in the summer of 2021 – so we were happy to do a quick turn around in 2021! Luckily all content was already available from the start, so the only barrier was the design! What a treat!

Launched: Advanced Arborcare Tree Services features full information about all tree management services available to their customers in the Brandon and Westman area. Website features: Homepage providing a brief but clear outline of Advanced Arborcare’s products and services, helping visitors find exactly what they are looking for, quickly. Testimonials from real, satisfied customers, to enhance “social proof” of the quality of their services. Provides numerous opportunities for visitors to contact Advanced Arborcare either online, by email, or by phone or text. Reaxion Graphics also provided assistance in the establishment of a local Google Ads campaign. To find out more, visit

Launched: Western Canada Hockey Academy (w/Ecommerce)

When was the last time you saw a great hockey website? Well, we found it, because we created it! This is our best ecommerce website to date created for Brandon’s newest hockey education organization. The floodgates are open and signups are going smoothly! All without paper forms, cheques, and the typical hassle!