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  1. New Logo Design – Firebeard’s Fabrication

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    Firebeard’s Fabrication is a new welding and metal fabrication business in Brandon, Manitoba, but new doesn’t mean inexperienced! They not only have extensive experience (10 years), but we’d say they have extensive TALENT in what they do. They wanted a logo that went past a simple welding aspect and pushed further towards creativity and their fabrication services. Ever seen a welding logo featuring a welder’s helmet? It’s quite common and common is what “Firebeard’s” is not!

    Here is Firebeard’s description as stated on their Facebook page: “Firebeard’s Fabrication works with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum; as well as specialty alloys. Using TIG, MIG, and ARC welding in combination with precision cutting and finishing techniques, we will provide innovative, quality products and repairs unique to our clients; guaranteed to satisfy.” Check them out on Facebook!

    All logo customers receive their logo at a flat fee and we proof until it’s done. Upon completion, you’ll get multiple versions of your logo suitable for print, web, in house printing, email, etc., and we’ll be happy to keep it on file if you need it years from now and you’ve lost your original file! Have a new graphic project on the go with another firm, we’d be happy to forward it on to them on your behalf if you aren’t sure what file type is best! Check out more past logos on our logo page!

  2. New Logo Design – Clay Creek Equestrian

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    Here is another recent logo we did for another new small business venture – Clay Creek Equestrian. This was a great logo because we got to incorporate an outline traced from a photo of a special horse owned by the client, Tanis Jones, in addition to some very specific colour choices. It’s always important to try to incorporate as much of “you” as possible into your logo since a logo is a very important representation of you and your businesses. Incorporating personal styles and meaning goes far to convey what you are all about, and with any luck, you’ll attract clients who are all about the same things!

    A common question when we do a logo is “what do I get once it’s all done?”. We will provide you with print quality vector images (images that can be infinitely enlarged without loss of quality), print quality jpgs, web quality jpgs, black and white versions, plus any other formats that are appropriate for the use of that particular client. An added bonus is we always keep your logo on file, so if you have a project being taken care of by another firm and can’t find your artwork or don’t know which artwork is right for that application, we will always forward your logo for you on your behalf so you can get your job done!

  3. New Logo Design – Backwoods Ag Ltd.

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    It takes a lot to create a great logo! A lot of experience, a lot of good ideas, sometimes, a lot of proofs! We were lucky enough to get a lot of good ideas from the client on this one – mainly inspiration from other deer inspired logos, but naturally we had to make the idea their own, and we think we did!

    Backwoods Ag Ltd. is located near Laurier, Manitoba, and is owned and operated by David Boerchers.