Facebook At Your Door (Like, Your Actual Door!)

September 9, 2016 Facebook: Insights - check out your Facebook Business Manager under "Local"

For business, not only can Facebook help you focus on Facebook users by targeting user demographics, it also tracks based on stats pulled from users who remain logged into their mobile Facebook app. When was the last time you logged out of your app? It would defeat the ease of use if you logged out every time you used it, so be certain, you are being tracked! Disturbing to some, interesting to business, below is a graphic example of one of those stats – who is literally physically passing by your door, and in this case, our door!

Find the Age, Gender and Home Location within 165 feet of your business!

Find the Age, Gender and Home Location within 165 feet of your business!

Now you can figure that optimal time to put out that sandwich board on the sidewalk! Or maybe you are doing some “Pokemon Go” marketing? This would be an excellent way to possibly track your success!

Finding Local Insights today might not be a new feature, but it’s definitely interesting. As a business, it’s a great idea to take a peek at your various third party online presences / services you might have online. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and services Google Analytics (to name a few) consistently add and improve features that can have an impact on how you do things. The “Insights” section of your Facebook Business Manager is where you can find all your Business Page stats and how you can develop your FB marketing strategy.

We love finding ways to “connect the dots” between all the various services used to promote business online. We are just like you, we don’t want to waste precious time on a marketing avenue on a dead end. Keep an eye here as we connect those dots!


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