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July 22, 2016 Facebook screenshot

Facebook has a feature you might have missed on your Business Page – Services. A Services tab has been around for awhile, but what we really like is the ability to bring your features to the front, right near the top of your page before posts. We think, just like on the home page of a website, folks want to know what you do ASAP, then delve deeper, or if they are truly motivated, they might see a your service and call right away to find out more.

Below is what our page currently looks like.

Services right up top!

Services right up top!


To get started, click the “Services” tab on your page (I SHOULD be under your feature photo). If you don’t have any services already, you’ll see a prompt to add new services, like below:


Next you’ll be confronted with a simple pop up. What we like the best is the ability to skip listing your price (but of course you can) but you can replace a price with a text message. Websites are too complex to list a package prices (most of the time), so we invite the client to ask for a quote. Don’t forget to upload an image as well! We were lucky enough to have icons that fit perfectly and continued our brand.


Add your details, and don’t forget the photos! Photos sell!


Keep adding as many services as you like and you’ll get something like this!



If you need help with your Facebook page, we can help you set it up or even manage it day to day! Call us today!



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