July 11, 2022

With 15 years of serving Brandon, a large portion of our work is serving our deep list of loyal clients, and our latest launch is no exception.

Visa2Canada is a local Brandon business assisting immigrants navigate the Canadian immigration process to achieve permanent residence in Canadian. In recent years, a growing client base has become Canadian Employers seeking help to move foreign workers to Canadaand have them ready to work, and most recently, have requested finding foreign workers.Visa2Canada is not a hiring agency, but have an international network of contacts to help find job seekers, qualify them, then hand them on to the employer to handle the formal interview and

hiring process. was created to attract employers to Visa2Canada’s services in addition to finding foreign workers themselves by promoting Canadian careers and allowing the submission of resume’s.

Features include:

  • Information for Employers to find out more about (Visa2Canada)
  • The ability to post careers for easy browsing, while leading to full text and images and the ability to upload applicant’s resume documents
  • Editing features allow the editing of the homepage slideshow, uploading of custom header images for all pages, and more
  • Original design by Reaxion Graphics – we do not purchase and customize pre-built websites for our clients
  • Hosting by Reaxion Graphics

To find out more, visit

About Scott Kasprick

Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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