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January 1, 2015

Shortly before this past Christmas I decided to get a few things at the local grocery store in our small town. I tossed a number of things into my cart – three huge water cooler bottles (we drink a lot of water at home), a couple packets of gravy (in case I pooched the turkey gravy this year), eggs for some last minute baking, and a few other things – as you get to know me you’ll quickly see food is an obsession.

It was a quick in and check out, and I was back to the van in no time, only to find the two gravy packets I tossed in were nestled between the water bottles in the cart, so essentially I was looking at stolen gravy. You might recognize this situation; you’ve taken the time to shop and fight through the big grocery store, checkout, and finally get into the parking lot to find your car. You empty your cart only to find you or your kids tossed something in that was hidden until you got out.  And you know what? You don’t feel like going back in! You think, “that billion dollar mega mart chain won’t miss it”. But this time was different to me. This was my hometown store. I know the owners. Their daughter goes to the same dance class my middle daughter goes to. The bottom line is we have a relationship and I’m not going to steal this two dollars worth of gravy from these people, and therein is the marketing lesson!

So many times businesses believe they are too busy to market themselves. Why should they? They can barely keep up! But marketing yourself is so much more than keeping busy, especially relating to your current clients. Marketing to clients is about maintaining an ongoing loyal relationship, not only to create new sales, but to protect a future of stable, dependable sales and cash flow As a side note, this relationship building is a major corner stone in the case for social media marketing.

Marketing creates a bond that shields your clients from the temptation of drifting to another supplier. You’ve already realized it is cheaper to keep a current client than finding new ones, but a good relationship with your clients will remind them that keeping you as a supplier is much more efficient than hitting the bricks to reestablish a new relationship with a new company.

So don’t let your current clients take off with your gravy – I didn’t! Keep delivering your message and take every opportunity to rekindle that client relationship. If you go that extra mile to connect to your client base, they will go that extra mile for you!

About Scott Kasprick

Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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