New Logo Design – Clay Creek Equestrian

July 28, 2016 Clay Creek Equestrian Logo by Reaxion Graphics, Brandon, Manitoba

Here is another recent logo we did for another new small business venture – Clay Creek Equestrian. This was a great logo because we got to incorporate an outline traced from a photo of a special horse owned by the client, Tanis Jones, in addition to some very specific colour choices. It’s always important to try to incorporate as much of “you” as possible into your logo since a logo is a very important representation of you and your businesses. Incorporating personal styles and meaning goes far to convey what you are all about, and with any luck, you’ll attract clients who are all about the same things!

A common question when we do a logo is “what do I get once it’s all done?”. We will provide you with print quality vector images (images that can be infinitely enlarged without loss of quality), print quality jpgs, web quality jpgs, black and white versions, plus any other formats that are appropriate for the use of that particular client. An added bonus is we always keep your logo on file, so if you have a project being taken care of by another firm and can’t find your artwork or don’t know which artwork is right for that application, we will always forward your logo for you on your behalf so you can get your job done!

About Scott Kasprick

Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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