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January 31, 2017

I did an off the cuff test of Facebook LIVE video on January 27, 2017 and it was a lot of fun to do – the first indication something is worthwhile!

The test was basic to say the least with not much scripting or grooming by the host with the cold 🙂 but I did have the foresight to at least whip off a quick newsletter to clients earlier in the day giving them a heads up (this also gave me an excuse to test a simple MailChimp newsletter app on my smartphone I might review another time). Oh yeah – we found out text is backwards if you film with the “selfie camera” too!

Though we are lucky to have some simple lighting for video, if you are tickled by the ability to do something with impact at only the cost of the effort you are willing to put into it, then I would definitely recommend Facebook LIVE video. If you have a Facebook page, a smart phone, and can prop it up or hold your phone, then you’re in business.

We’ll be posting further information on Facebook Live in the future since we are still discovering things (I only now discovered we can embed our FB video, and with a little magic, made it mobile friendly). But we are here to inspire and not keep any secrets, here are the stats on our humble video at the time of publishing this post

  • Peak Live Viewers: 1
  • Minutes Viewed: 158
  • Unique Views: 151
  • Video Views: 179 (the amount of views by the above 151 people)
  • 10-second Views: 80
  • Video Average Watch Time: 0:27
  • People Reached: 436
  • Top Audience: Men, 35-44 (maybe I clicked my video too many times? 🙂
  • Top Location: Manitoba

We’ll dig deeper into the stats at another time, but compare our stats to basic expectations you might have in advertising whether print or web. 436 people saw us in some manner, 80 people regarded the video for at least 10 seconds which rivals the average 15 second time on a web page (you can go further and average that time with a few that watched the entire video, creating a total average of 27 seconds), still, a very impressive start for 6 minutes of talking!

Check out our Facebook Live video and other posts on our Facebook page! We hope to do “Facebook Friday” every Friday afternoon!

About Scott Kasprick

Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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