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August 29, 2016 Web design - Corral Communications, Brandon, Manitoba

Another ONE PAGE website, this time for! When done right, this is an excellent medium for a professional site that has important content, but doesn’t require a lot of fluff to deliver that message. Its important to consider sections of a single page website as individual pages when planning content, and can be an attractive alternative to a number of brief pages in a traditional multi-page website. Single page websites are a quick read for the visitor and a lead generator for the site owner. We really like the internal page navigation using the “sticky header” that follows you down the page and allows you to jump to the section of your choice. We stress just that because a site is a single page doesn’t mean the same amount of hours and consideration don’t go into them as do their multi-page cousins!

 Corral Communications, Brandon, Manitoba | Website by Reaxion Graphics

Corral Communications, Brandon, Manitoba | Website by Reaxion Graphics

Our requirements were to create a professional site that transmitted the branding and message of Corral Communications, while letting MTS do the talking as far as the finer details on services available. The site is editable by the client and mobile friendly. For more examples and information, take a look at our website services, portfolio,  or contact us today for your consultation!

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Scott Kasprick is a graphic designer in Brandon, Manitoba and owns and operates Reaxion Graphics while helping his wife raise three lively daughters!

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