Web Design

We know our clients depend on us to know more about the web than they do and bring them up to speed. We take pride in discovering exactly what our clients need through thoughtful consultation and delivering a final product beyond their expectations. The result is a site that is clear and understandable, efficiently delivering the content their customers seek, giving our clients the best return on investment (ROI) possible.

If you have a business, you need a website.
Today, business and product research is done online, but a website does not have to make the final sale of a product, just deliver your image, information, and an easy way to get your contact information – sales will do the rest! If your business ever needed a business card, it needs a website.

Once you have a website, you need a well designed, up to date website.
A poorly designed website is expensive when it turns clients away. Your online audience is savvy, they’ve seen good and bad websites. Good sites turn into contacts, bad sites keep them moving on to the next Google result. A clean cut, well spoken sales person sells more, the same goes for your website – your 24hr sales tool.

If you have a website, can your customers find it?
It’s a big world out there, and you have a lot of competition! If you rely on internet search results, positioning yourself in search results is important. Reaxion Graphics can help tailor your site to appear as high as possible under the search terms you use to target your customers.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Our Mobile Friendly sites are “Responsive”
One site, all devices, that’s what a Responsive site is. Every user deserves to see all of your content, so why have a smaller mobile site and a full desktop site? Our sites “responsively” resize to the width of your screen size, whether it’s a table, smart phone or computer monitor.

Mobile sites rank higher on mobile Google searches than “normal sites”
A mobile search is a search done on a mobile device. Its possible for your site to rank higher than your competition in a Google search, but if they have a mobile friendly site and you don’t, their site might rank higher if found on a mobile device! Its true!

Because every one of your customers is important!
Do you value all your customers? Would you treat one person better than the other when they walk through your doors? That is the idea behind providing a mobile friendly website to your online customer. If you only 25% of your visitors are mobile, and you only get 200 visits to your site, that means 50 potential  customers are having a more difficult time on your website – will your competition’s website be more difficult?